Celebrity Tweets: Wednesday, April 9, with Justin Bieber, Madison Beer, and Jimmy Fallon

By Morgan Cox,

Happy hump day, readers! It's finally the middle of the week again and we're so excited that it's almost time for another weekend. Today's tweets are filled with the usual goodness: random, witty, and ever so entertaining. Justin Bieber excites all of Twitter with an announcement that big things are soon to come... we hope a new album is in the making! Speaking of music, Madison Beer has been spending quality time with Bieber in the studio and has made sure to document all of it on Twitter. If you need a laugh, don't worry... we have not one #ClassicJokeWednesday from Ellen, but two! We couldn't choose just one, she's too funny!

It's finally starting to warm up outside, but these tweets are sure to add that extra warmth deep inside your heart that you've been waiting for! Wait no longer... your daily dose of celebrity tweets are here. Sit back, relax, and keep scrolling to enjoy the moment you've been anticipating all day!

Demi Lovato may be saying goodbye to the pink hair!

Beliebers are in luck!

Looks like new Bieber tunes are coming :)

Ellen shares a witty joke.

Ellen's jokes are so funny, we had to share them both...

Paisley sends his sympathy to the Pittsburgh school.

Swift shared a fun photo after a day of baking.

Jimmy Fallon's parents may have been just a tad bit over protective...

What a lucky girl... we're excited to see what Beer has been working on!

Everyone loves Matthew West's music... even animals!



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