Chance the Rapper cancels additional shows

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Chance the Rapper has cancelled all of his concerts and upcoming appearances through April 27. The Chicago rapper is recovering from an illness that forced him to cancel his spot at the Coachella festival. Chance was supposed to play the festival during the final day of the event.

Billboard reported that just hours before he was supposed to perform at Coachella, the rapper was rushed to a local hospital. Chance was running a 104-degree temperature with intense throat inflammation, which caused him to lose his ability to speak.

Patrick Corcoran, Chance's manager, explained that after treatment, the doctors concluded that the illness was a result of a combination of the flu virus and tonsillitis, Rolling Stone reported.

Chance has also had to cancel his performance scheduled for April 27 at the Atlanta CounterPoint Music & Arts Festival.

He is currently recovering at his Los Angeles home and is waiting to hear from medical professionals if he will need surgery following the illness.

The rapper's first concert scheduled after his hiatus is set to take place on May 2 at JMBLYA in Dallas.



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