Chance The Rapper cancels Sunday Coachella performance after being hospitalized

By Gina Masilotti,

Chance the Rapper was set to perform on the final day of Coachella this weekend, but had to cancel because he was hospitalized.

The 21-year-old’s set was supposed to be on the main stage Sunday at 3:10 p.m., but a few hours before his set, he posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed to his Instagram account. The picture was taken down shortly after, but The Source got a screen shot before it was gone.

According to Rolling Stone, Chance tweeted Friday night that he felt sick after a show during the Brooklyn Ball in Las Vegas, but he thought he’d have a full recovery by the time his Coachella performance came around. His management team tweeted the cancelation announcement earlier today saying, “On behalf of @chancetherapper and our entire team-We sincerely regret to have to cancel our 2nd weekend at coachella. –CTR MGMT”

They then added, “Chance fell ill on Friday night & was admitted to the hospital today- Doctors & family are with him & he is expected to make a full recovery.” And then, “Thank you for the prayers and support during this time, Chance, his team and family deepy appreciate it.”

Last weekend at Coachella, Chance brought Justin Bieber on stage to perform the song, “Confident,” and the crowd went crazy. We hope he has a full recovery and is up and performing again soon.



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