Chimpanzee victim denied the right to sue Connecticut

By Rebecca Walezak,

The legislature’s judiciary committee decided that chimpanzee-attack victim Charla Nash does not have the right to sue Connecticut for compensation.

The Courant reports that the committee voted 35 to 3 on Wednesday, making the decision that the state had no legal obligation to protect Nash from the chimpanzee.

According to ABC News, Nash, now 60, had hoped to sue the state for about $150 million. She claimed that the state knew that the chimpanzee, Travis, had dangerous tendencies and could have prevented the violent attack that cost Nash her face.

Nash recently made a rare public appearance to plea with politicians for the right to sue Connecticut. Despite lawmakers' suggestions, Nash hasn’t given up hope.

“This means too much to my daughter Briana and me,” Nash said.

Nash maintains that she is only looking for enough money to support her and her daughter and live a comfortable life. The judiciary committee, however, still holds that they made the correct decision based off of the situation and the legal obligations of Connecticut.



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