Chimpanzees temporarily escape Kansas City Zoo enclosure

By Kyle Johnson,

Seven chimpanzees escaped their enclosure for about 90 minutes at the Kansas City Zoo on Thursday in the late afternoon, but they were eventually rounded up by staff.

Randi Wisthoff, the executive director and CEO of the zoo, said although no attendees were ever in any danger, those in the exhibit were temporarily taken to lockable buildings to be safe, reports the Kansas City Star.

The chimps were able to slip out of their enclosure when the mastermind behind it all grabbed a six-foot log and leaned it against the wall to create a way to escape. Six others clambered out with him.

Though they primarily remained in the "Africa" exhibit of the zoo, three were actually found on the other side of the area, according to the Los Angeles Times. Employees lured the escaped chimps with food and treats back into their enclosure.

"That's what chimps do, they figure things out," Wisthoff said. "They will use that intelligence they have to problem-solve. Well, they solved a problem."

None of the escaped chimps were very large, with the largest weighing about 150 pounds. The smallest to slip out of the enclosure is about 80 pounds.



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