Chris Brown assault trial delayed

By Gabrielle Washington,

After being charged with assault back in October, Chris Brown's trial is being put on hold due to his bodyguard's pending appeal and request for immunity.

According to the Associated Press, the judge denied any possibility for Chris Brown's release from custody in Los Angeles, Wednesday, while awaiting his newly moved trial. Although the original trial date was set for Wednesday in D.C., Chris Brown's bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, would not testify unless granted immunity due to his plans to appeal his conviction. Prosecutors denied his request for immunity. Hollosy had originally been expected to testify Wednesday that he was the one that hit Adams outside the hotel in October. On Monday, he was tried separately and convicted of simple assault.

According to The Daily News, Hollosy will be sentenced June 25, which will be right before the status hearing on Chris Brown's case. Brown has not been bailed since March 14 and will not be getting out any time soon. Brown's lawyer said the wait could be at least six months for another set trial date, but prosecutors say it could in fact take a year. This is because, without immunity, Hollosy will not testify in Brown's case until he has finished his appeal.

The two men, Hollosy and Brown, were accused in October of hitting a 20-year-old Maryland art student, Parker Adams, outside of the W Hotel after Adams tried including himself in pictures with Brown and some women outside of Brown's tour bus. Witnesses stated that they exchanged words before Brown hit Adams, followed by Hollosy. Hollosy, on the other hand, said that he hit Adams after he attempted getting on Brown's tour bus. Chris Brown denied ever hitting Adams, but told a similar story.

The non-jury misdemeanor trial has no set reschedule date, but it could be months and even past a year before it is resolved.



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