Chrissy Teigen fights back against Instagram user who called her fat

By Lamarana Diallo ,

Chrissy Teigen, 28, is one model you don’t want to mess with. The outspoken model who is known for not holding things back was fed up with Instagram users who were scrutinizing her size.

The Instagram photo that started it all was a four-shot photo of Teigen at MTV’s upfront presentation notes Us Weekly. In the photo, Teigen is wearing white spaghetti strapped crop top with a high-waisted skirt.

Teigen shared a screenshot of the Instagram users who made comments like “You gained weight,” and “Putting on that weight momma,” notes E!.

Teigen then posted the screenshot image on Twitter Thursday and tweeted, “Honestly f—k you all. Why do I even open anything up to you. In what other real life situation would you walk up to someone and tell them they’re fat or gained weight?”

She continued on saying, “Seriously you are POS. I don’t know why I am always surprised when you let me down. I gotta get used to this s—t. It’s amazing to me that I am told to get over the a—holes but the a—holes are never told to stop being pieces of s—t. Anyhow over and out.”

Teigen is not the first celebrity to stand up to fat-shamer’s. Jennifer Lawrence and Alyssa Milano have called out those who attack women’s size.

image via Instagram from Chrissy Teigen



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