CNN to fill Piers Morgan time slot with nonfiction series, documentaries

By Kyle Johnson,

CNN has decided to move on from a talk show format in the now-empty time slot previously held by Piers Morgan and instead will air nonfiction specials and documentaries, the network announced Thursday.

The specials, to be hosted by Anthony Bourdain, John Walsh and Mike Rowe, will fill a time slot that Larry King and Morgan once occupied, reports the Associated Press. In addition to the nonfiction series, CNN will have a nightly newscast. The hosts will be an ever-changing group.

CNN's already popular Parts Unknown, hosted by Bourdain, will be one of the series to air in the time slot. The show has done well for the network, and is CNN's most popular show.

Other shows already selected include Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man, Rowe's Somebody's Gotta Do It and Lisa Ling's Our America. Walsh will host a new criminal investigation series as well.

On top of those series, The Jesus Code, a documentary, and The Sixties, a shorter series, will air at some point.

Although the decision might help out CNN, which has been struggling in the ratings, a few news personalities likely won't be happy. When news of Morgan's cancellation first came up, the network said that several people would try out for the time slot. Jake Tapper, Michael Smerconish, Bill Weir and Don Lemon were all in line to give the empty slot a test drive.



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