Connie Britton was named a UN Goodwill Ambassador

By Marcina Zaccaia ,

From time to time, celebrities get to participate in activities beyond their wildest dreams; Connie Britton was glad to say yes to the offer of becoming a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Program.

According to the Associated Press, Britton said her appointment is “one of the greatest opportunities of my life."

She is the tenth actor to become a goodwill ambassador. Antonio Banderas and tennis star Maria Sharapova have accepted the honor in the past. Britton says she hopes to focus on getting rid of poverty and working on issues effecting women, particularly creating a living wage for female workers.

Britton has been able to travel abroad. She has had the good fortune of traveling to Africa for a documentary and adopted her son, Yoby, from Ethiopia.

The actress starred in Friday Night Lights and plays Tami Taylor in Nashville. She recently reached out to fans on Twitter, sending a tweet that said, “Hey y’all,” according to Time.

Britton is always glad to be a sounding board for fans and gives insight on how to look ahead for a good future.



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