Couple injured in the Boston Marathon bombings marry

By Elizabeth Learned,

On Friday, just a little over a week before the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, a couple who was injured in the blast exchanged vows in Asheville, N.C.

Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino had attended the marathon in order to watch DiMartino’s mother cross the finish line, People reported.

According E! News, Gregory wore a fit-and-flare dress from Kleinfeld, namely designer Sophia Moncelli. Because of her injuries from the bombing, Gregory leaned onto DiMartino during the service.

This earned a remark from the officiant, reportedly telling her, “Keep holding him like that - it’ll do you well in life.”

E! News also reported that when the bombing occurred, Gregory’s body became a shield for her young son, Noah, keeping him from being heavily injured, but she lost the use of her left leg. DiMartino dealt with injuries to his Achilles tendon and surgery for his eardrums.

Having heard about the couple, two organizations chipped in to help with the ceremony. According to MyFoxBoston, The Knot funded their wedding while PS. I Do, a company based in Boston who does original songs for weddings, wrote a song for the couple.

People reported that the couple will take a short trip to the Dominican Republic next week and they will later go to Thailand, which The Knot also took care of for the couple.

After this past year, this is a time of happiness for the couple, after what has no doubt been a long and painful journey. Gregory even told People, “Come next year, when we’re in the month of April, we’re not going to say, ‘This is the month we got blown up. We’ll say, ‘This is the month we got married.’”



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