Couple that jumped from George Washington Bridge accused of murder

By Daniel S Levine,

The couple that committed suicide together on Monday by jumping from the George Washington Bridge in New York have been linked to the murder of a man in Suffern, New York.

Gary Crockett, 41, and Nickie Circelli, 40, who were both from Suffern, jumped off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River around 11:30 a.m. Monday, according to the New York Daily News. Law enforcement sources told the media that they allegedly murdered Circelli’s uncle just hours before they jumped from the bridge.

Neighbors told the New York Post that they heard a violent struggle at the uncle’s house before the couple drove off in their Chevy Malibu.

“I heard a loud boom and that was it,” Josefina Rodriguez, who lives in the same apartment building, told the Post. “Those two went running. They never said a thing.” She said that Cercelli’s brother later told her that the uncle was dead.

Cercelli and Crockett allegedly stole money from her uncle and an AR-15 rifle. Then, they killed him. Officials said the victim had a broken vertebra, which is consistent with being strangled.

According to WABC, Crockett and Circelli did leave a note for police to find at the home that implicated them in the murder of her uncle. Police think that the uncle discovered that they were stealing money from another relative.

The couple have a long history of drug abuse and arrests. Circelli was arrested in 2010 and had been accused of being a member of the “Monticello Tool Bandits” group, which stole tools from stores and contractors’ vans.

The couple had no identification on them when they jumped from the bridge Monday. Relatives had to be called in to identify the bodies.



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