'The Crazy Ones' episode recap: “Danny Chase Hates Brad Paisley”

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Zach, Simon and Lauren surrounded by all the other employees at the agency as they sample Satan’s Tongue’s Spicy BBQ Sauce, whose account they are trying to land. All three takes swigs of the salsa. Zach starts to go down because it’s just too spicy, but a male co-worker catches him. Then, Sydney comes in and introduces her new assistant, Allie, but no one is paying attention. Sydney explains to Allie what a “big day” it is and how Simon gets full on when trying to land an account. Allie tells Sydney that she understands, that she “knows about the competition so I had Lauren fax me your schedule and I took the liberty of putting Tums on everyone’s desks.”

Sydney then hugs Allie and tells her that she loves her already. Allie even brought Sydney a cup of coffee just how she likes it, with almond milk. Then, a somewhat dazed Zach approaches and starts hitting on Allie, but Sydney pushes him away. She then tells Zach that she finally got her own assistant and she won’t let him mess it up, “You won’t just happen to be having lunch at the same place she is, you won’t just happen to be grabbing a drink at the same bar and you won’t just happen to have condoms when she’s bored and hanging out at your apartment.” Zach replies that he was just saying hello to her, but Sydney fires back that she’ll say it for him and warns him to stay away from “my machine.” Zach then walks away.

Meanwhile, Simon and Lauren are sampling more salsa as the other employees cheer them on. They’re both sweating, but move to sample more, but Lauren drops her shot glass of salsa saying she can’t feel her tongue and can’t eat anymore. Andrew then proclaims Simon “the champion.” Simon then gets up on the table and Simon says they now have to make up a winning pitch to land the Satan’s Tongue’s Spicy BBQ Sauce account.

Simon, Zach and Andrew meet with the sisters, Millie and Jane, who own Satan’s Tongue’s Spicy BBQ Sauce and they tell them that they found the recipe after their grandmother passed away. Simon then asks them their ideas for the ad campaign. Millie replies that they want “one of those fun jingles that sticks in your head.” Jane then mentions how she loved a jingle that the guys say Danny Chase, the jingle guy that went to school with Sydney and became obsessed with her, wrote. They ask if Simon, Zach and Andrew could get him to write a jingle for their BBQ sauce. Simon replies, “We created him. He’ll do anything for us.” Then, Simon suddenly gets a bad stomach cramp and has to walk away from the ladies. He then whispers to Andrew and Zach how much his stomach hurts and that the sauce is probably melting it away. They offer to drive him to the hospital, but Simon declines, telling Zach to finish the meeting by himself and to not let the women leave until he’s landed the account. Zach tells Simon that he can count on him and Simon leaves. Zach then asks Millie and Jane what he can do for them to sign with the agency. The sisters reply that their pitch was great, but that they are meeting with other agencies. Zach then asks them if the other agencies can get Danny Chase to write a jingle for their BBQ sauce? Jane then asks who the agency would get to sing it. Zach says anyone they want to. Millie retorts that since their company is so small, she doubts the agency could get “anybody really big,” but Zach insists that they should “think big!” Then, Jane blurts out, “Brad Paisley” and Millie says that they would sign with Lewis, Roberts & Roberts right then if they could get him. Zach replies, “You got ‘em” and the sisters are ecstatic.



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