'Creepy foot guy' targets realtors in Arizona

By Morgan Cox,

An Arizona man has been contacting several real estate agents in the greater Phoenix area for information. The only problem is the information he's searching for has nothing to do with real estate.

"He asked me questions like - do I wear heels often," said Valley realtor, Hope Salas.

According to KPHO, the man has been preying on female realtors around the Valley area. The man, who is being referred to as the "creepy foot guy" has apparently contacted around two dozen realtors in the past few months.

The man, who identified himself as Anthony, claimed to have just moved to Arizona from New York. He explained that he worked in reflexology.

"He asked me if I ever had reflexology done before, which I didn't answer that question. And then he asked me if I liked having foot massages or foot rubs, which I didn't answer that question either," realtor Lacey Washburn told KPHO.

The realtors are warning each other about the man through their Facebook group forum. Yahoo! News noted that since the man is not breaking any law, the realtors can't do much about the situation besides warn each other.



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