Daily Wrap of All Things for April 24: Meg Ryan, Beyoncé, Joan Rivers and Cliven Bundy

By Gina Masilotti,

Here’s our daily wrap for Thursday, April 24:

How I Met Your Mother’s spin off TV series, How I Met Your Dad, has announced that Meg Ryan will be joining the cast in a weird way. She will never physically make appearances on the show, but she will be the voice of the older version of Greta Gerwig’s character, “Future Sally.” She will also be a writer for the show.

TIME Magazine has revealed their annual edition of the Most Influential People in the world. They’ve chosen Beyoncé to be on one of the four covers. Others like Pope Francis, Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul and John Kerry also made the list. Beyoncé was chosen for taking the world by storm, with her sold out world tour and secret album release.

Joan Rivers has made a joke about the Cleveland women being held captive by Ariel Castro. First, she made a joke that Castro’s victims “had more space” than her daughter’s Malibu guest room. Attorneys on the case called the joke “shocking and disappointing.” Rivers is also refusing to apologize, saying “they got to live rent free for more than a decade.”

Nevada rancher Cliven Bunday has made some very racist comments in a recent interview. After causing problems with federal rangers over grazing rights, and gaining tons of supporters, Bundy shared more than he should have and caused most of his supporters to back down. He made a racist comment about slaves picking cotton and wondered if they shouldn't have remained slaves.



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