'Dancing with the Stars' Season 18 Recap: Week Six Performances (Party Anthems)

By Michael Pascua,
Can the celebrities get down to party anthems?

After a dreamy Disney week, the celebrities had to get their dance on to Party Anthems. They knew after Cody’s elimination that the pressure was on to perform to their highest potential because Cody was in the middle of the pack and still got eliminated. The celebrities had a group dance right at the beginning of the episode set to “Party in the USA.”

Redfoo was our guest judge this week and we got the celebrities to shuffle just a bit for him. As a judge, he was looking for high performance value. As much as there was a party atmosphere, the contestants knew that there was an elimination looming tonight.

The contestants knew that they all made it to the halfway point of the show. The levels of stress and the continued pressure kept going through all the celebrities’ heads. Danica didn’t think she’d cry and she was in tears by week two. NeNe knew she had to suppress the haters. The celebrities all loved being on the show, but they all want to make it all the way to the finals.

The Macy’s Stars of Dance performance was set to “Animals” by Martin Garrix and included both Kryoman and Phillip Chbeeb from both ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘America’s Best Dance Crew.’

NeNe & Tony
Dance - Cha-Cha
Party Anthem - “Hot in Herre” by Nelly

After week five’s performance, NeNe was in tears because she thought that Tony was upset with her. He tried to reassure her that everyone has had bad weeks and they grow stronger. The couple reconciled and moved on for this week’s rehearsals. NeNe began the performance alone but proceeded with side-by-side choreography. Once the couple got to the dancefloor, they weren’t as synchronized until they were in hold. Tony of course ended up without a shirt, and NeNe looked like she enjoyed the performance. Was it technically great? Not at all, but it was fun to watch.

Len found the performance fun and entertaining, but he wanted improved technique next week. Bruno called her one of a kind; he loved her motions, but her footing was in wrong place. Carrie Ann thought NeNe looked comfortable in her performance. Redfoo thought she owned the performance. Score: 33 (8,9,8,8)

Candace & Mark
Dance - Cha-Cha
Party Anthem - “I Love It” by Icona Pop

Mark thought that Candace was still thinking so hard and needed to figure out how to chill out. The cha-cha required hip movements and Mark was worried that Candace couldn’t channel the sexy attitude. Candace tried to pick a character and have her confidence shine through. As the music began Candace clearly showed nerves from the look on her face, but Mark definitely had her breaking out once the couple got past the first spin. I thought some of the movements were a little too slow and a time-waster. There was a little too much walking to be called content.

Bruno wanted to make sure that her flow was better. Carrie ann wanted to join her because of how much fun she was having. Redfoo called her “bling bling.” Len noted that her leg action improved from the samba; her arms needed to be more rhythmic. Score: 32 (8,8,8,8)

James & Peta
Dance - Quickstep
Party Anthem - “You’re the One that I Want” originally from Grease

After the first perfect score of the season the two knew their Disney performance was a highlight for the two. James was stressed out from all the hard steps and the posture that was needed for the routine. The couple was immediately in hold and I hated how James’s legs looked as he looked like he was shuffling a bit too much. He never found his footing. He was in time with Peta, but it only looked strong when they weren’t cutting across the dancefloor.

Carrie Ann thought James was a leading man, she wished he was sharper in his footwork. Redfoo thought they looked like shuffling crabs. Len thought the performance was nice, but the technique was poor because he flexed his knees. Bruno thought the combination of Broadway musical movements and Quickstep was wonderfully done. Score: 35 (9,9,8,9)

Danica & Val
Dance - Cha-Cha
Party Anthem - “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” By Whitney Houston

Danica was happy to be in second and thought she had a chance to win. The couple wanted to make sure that Danica was celebrating her mind and her spirit. Danica wanted to get in touch with her inner woman; she realized that she was growing strength and fortitude. I liked the slow opening to the routine which gave us a bit of rumba spirit, but they immediately got into the party atmosphere. Danica looked great as she turned around and I felt like the smile on her face was genuine. I also loved that Val let Danica have moments out of hold where she could shine.

Redfoo thought Danica looked like she was really in love. Len thought it was the best dance of the night (so far). Bruno loved the playful nature and appreciated the level of difficulty. Carrie Ann appreciated that Danica was blossoming into a full woman. Score: 36 (9,9,9,9)



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