Danny Boyle in talks to helm Steve Jobs movie, wants Leonardo DiCaprio

By Kyle Johnson,

Director Danny Boyle is in talks to replace David Fincher on the Steve Jobs movie and is interested in Leonardo DiCaprio taking the main role.

According to sources who exclusively spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, that's all it is right now though, talks. Supposedly the 127 Hours director already has approached DiCaprio to possibly play Steve Jobs.

Should everything come together and both Boyle and DiCaprio board the project, it would only be the second time the two have worked together in their careers. They both were involved in the 2000 movie The Beach.

Still, it's likely a long shot to snag DiCaprio as he recently agreed to star in The Revenant with director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu. Filming is set to begin this September.

Early last week, it was revealed that David Fincher, who previously teamed up with scriptwriter Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network, had left the Steve Jobs film.

Reportedly the issue was over Fincher's demand for a $10 million upfront fee as well as his desire for marketing control for the film. A source involved in the project said that what Fincher wanted was simply "ridiculous."



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