Darius Rucker, Chris Daughtry to perform anthem at NCAA Final Four

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The men's NCAA Final Four has been decided and the teams are headed to Texas to compete for the national championship, but the basketball elite will also be joined by some big name musicians.

Darius Rucker and Chris Daughtry will be headed to Texas to perform the national anthem at the NCAA Final Four, Billboard reported.

Daughtry, who has sold over 8 million albums worldwide, will be taking center court with the Fort McHenry drum and fife corps. This is in honor of the 200th anniversary of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Daughtry will be performing before Saturday's games and Rucker will be singing the anthem for the national championship on Monday. Rucker will also be joined by the Jazz Singers vocal group from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performance and Visual Arts in Dallas.

Rucker spoke with CBS News about how he never thought he would be able to receive a record deal. The country superstar has now sold out arenas and top the charts with his cover of "Wagon Wheel."

"Like I say all the time, I wouldn't have given me a record deal," Rucker told CBS News. "I was a pop guy who had just had this huge success with his band and everything had leveled off. Why would I take a chance with ... this new guy in country music? I mean, you know, the pop guy coming on country never works."

The final four and the national championship game will air on CBS.



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