Deadly pig disease causes bacon prices to skyrocket

By Amanda Levine,

A deadly and infections disease in the pig community is killing thousands of piglets and has resulted in sky-rocketing bacon prices across the nation. Bacon lovers around the United States will be upset to know that it's pushing pork prices up 10 percent or more.

The Associated Press reported that the pig disease, porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), does not affect humans but has spread to over 25 states and has reportedly been spread from somewhere in China.

The disease has killed so many baby pigs, who become severely dehydrated, that producers of pork have had to increase their prices by 13 percent. Over the past year it is estimated that somewhere between 2.7 million to 6 million pigs have died, most of them being only around two-weeks-old.

Omaha stated that Iowa, being the nation’s number one hog producer, has suffered more than 1,000 PEDV cases since the outbreak began sometime last year. It is also claimed that the virus spread through infected imported feed from Asia.

“It came out of nowhere and it has been devastating. It is 100 percent fatal to animals up to three weeks of age, so if it hits your hog farm, it is going to be pretty ugly,” said Dennis Hughes, state veterinarian for the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.



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