Discovery's canceled live Mount Everest jump to now be documentary

By Kyle Johnson,

Discovery canceled the live wingsuit jump from the summit of Mount Everest following the devastating avalanche that has claimed at least 13 lives, but the network has now decided to make a documentary.

As previously reported, Discovery canceled its planned jump by Joby Ogwyn in the wake of the avalanche. The decision wasn't made until late Sunday, with the daredevil still under the belief that he would be going ahead with the jump.

Discovery released a statement saying that Everest Jump Live would not be going forward as a sign of "respect for the families of the fallen."

Well now the cable network has decided to produce a documentary instead highlighting the riskiness of climbing the high peak using footage already captured, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Much of the footage shot was going to be used to air for several days before the jump capped everything off.

The documentary will also look into the Sherpa community's response after 13 guides were killed on April 18. Discovery is currently searching for a Sherpa charity to donate to.



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