Discovery's Mount Everest avalanche documentary to air in early May

By Kyle Johnson,

On Thursday, Discovery Channel announced that Everest Avalanche Tragedy will air on the network on Sunday, May 4.

According to Deadline, the date is a week before the original date was set for the live Joby Ogwyn wingsuit jump special, Everest Jump Live. The documentary will be 90 minutes long.

The documentary will show what it was like for the crew ahead of the deadly avalanche on April 18 that killed 13 Sherpa guides. It will also have eyewitness accounts to the rescue after the Khumba Icefall avalanche.

As previously reported, Discovery decided to cancel its live jump, but didn't decide until Tuesday they would turn the already shot footage into a documentary on the tragic incident.

When the network originally announced it was cancelling the live jump, they released a statement noting that it was out of "respect for the families of the fallen."

Discovery also was searching for a Sherpa charity to donate to and they announced they found a reputable one in the American Himalayan Foundation Sherpa Family Fund, which goes towards the families of those who died.



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