Divers find 13 more bodies, South Korean ferry accident death toll rises to 46

By Kyle Johnson,

On Sunday, divers pulled up 13 more bodies from the sunken South Korean ferry, which pushes the official death toll up to 46, which likely will increase as more of the ship is explored.

Searching the ferry has been difficult for divers, since the accident was due to foul weather and strong currents, reports The Associated Press. At this juncture in the search, about 300 people are currently missing or dead out of the 400 plus passengers who were on the ship. The passengers consisted mostly of high school students.

As details of how the Wednesday tragedy may have occurred continue to filter out, it was discovered that the captain, Lee Joon-seok, was not on the bridge. He, along with a third mate and helmsman, was arrested for failing to properly operate the ferry during treacherous areas.

Lee apologized, and said, "I am sorry to the people of South Korea for causing a disturbance and I bow my head in apology to the families of the victims." He also explained that that due to the current and temperature of the ocean, he thought it best to initially delay evacuating from the ferry, worried that people would get lost until rescue ships arrived.

Lee currently faces negligence of duty and violation of maritime law charges, along with three other possible charges. The two arrested crew members could face three charges each themselves.



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