Dolphins protect swimmer from a shark

By Chris Howcroft,

Adam Walker was swimming across New Zealand’s Cook Strait last week, and without the aid of some fellow mammals, he may not have been able to complete this swim.

Walker was on a 16-mile swim when he noticed a great white shark swimming in the water beneath him. The only thing that would come to mind would be to keep swimming and hope that the shark swims away, but Walker had some unexpected help.

According to CTV News, a pod of about 10 dolphins arrived and started swimming alongside Walker. The pod swam with Walker which promptly sent the shark away. Walker commented that he liked to believe that the dolphins were protecting him and guiding him home. He also made the comment about how vividly he remembers this due to how clear the water was and how he remembers first seeing the shark and then the dolphins arriving to “save the day." Once the shark swam away, the dolphins continued to swim with Walker for about another hour before going their own way.

Walker is raising proceeds for Whale and Dolphin Conservation by doing the Ocean’s Seven, a global challenge in which he will try and complete seven long distance swims, reports The Huffington Post. He completed his swim across the Cook Strait in a little over eight and a half hours.

He has already completed the majority of the Ocean’s Seven challenge, including swimming through the English Channel, Catalina Channel and Tsugaru Channel. The final leg of his challenge will come this August when he will attempt to swim the North Channel, which is what separates Scotland from Northern Ireland.



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