Donald Glover lashes out at Glassdoor Records

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
The company prematurely released the rapper's ideas for the second time

If you follow Donald Glover on Twitter, it’s not shocking to see him blow off some steam on the social media platform. For the second time, the rapper, who goes by the name of Childish Gambino, has projected some anger at his label, Glassdoor Records.

The first time around, Glover was enraged when his song “Sweatpants” was prematurely released in November. He took matters to Twitter and described that the song was not supposed to be released just yet and that those who are money hungry and impatient were to blame.

This time around, the label released a premature video for “Sweatpants” and a blog post concerning the Deep Web tour.

Gambino stated that the release “wasn’t handled correctly” by his label who told him “lies,” reports MTV News.

The rapper allegedly had bigger plans for the release and is angered that this is the second time the label had ruined his ideas.

It’s uncertain if Gambino will take action in leaving Glassdoor for Def Jam Atlantic, or any other label who would honor his wishes. Gambino makes it all about the music and around the time of a free Deep Web concert, he tweeted, “im most excited about the performance saturday. because it’s free. the shirts we’re giving away there are free. music should be free. free is important. we want this to be a movement of free thinkers,” reports Bustle.



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