Donald Trump is looking to buy the NFL's Buffalo Bills team

By Shaunice Conyers,

Donald Trump is seeking to become an owner of the Buffalo Bills football team.

The Buffalo News reports how Trump has expressed interest in buying the Bills and that if he does buy the team he will keep them in Buffalo. Trump says, "I’m going to give it a heavy shot." Trump denied rumors of having the team moved to either Los Angeles or Toronto and stated that since he lives in New York already it would be more convenient for him to commute up to Buffalo.

New York Daily News reports how the future of the Buffalo Bills became a problem after Ralph Wilson died on March 25. In the Bills' 54-year history, Wilson was the team's sole owner and since he has passed away, control of the team has been given to his wife Mary until the team can find a new owner.

According to Forbes, Trump is worth $3.9 billion. Last August, Forbes ranked the Buffalo Bills as the 30th most valuable NFL franchise with a worth of $870 million.



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