Driver involved in Florida daycare crash turns himself in

By Kyle Johnson,

The driver who led to another car crashing into a Florida daycare center on Wednesday turned himself in on Thursday.

Robert Alex Corchado surrendered to police because "he had nowhere to go," Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Wanda Diaz said, reports The Associated Press. Officials have yet to announce what they plan to charge Corchado on.

Fourteen people, mostly children, were injured and one young girl was killed on Wednesday. The 4-year-old girl's mother, Nicole Quintus, said, "Families are emotionally destroyed because of what he did."

Of those injured in the crash, 10 are still in the hospital. Police say that two are currently still in serious condition and another child is in critical condition.

As previously reported, Corchado forced another car off the road, which then crashed into the daycare center, resulting in the numerous injuries. After the crash, Corchado abandoned his vehicle and fled.

This isn't his first run-in with the law, as Corchado has been arrested eight times over the past 14 years, the AP notes. Most of his previous arrests relate to drug charges, as he was jailed for selling cocaine, also for selling narcotics, and even felony marijuana possession.



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