‘Duck Dynasty’ star Miss Kay opens up about her previous suicidal thoughts

By Amy Michura,

The leading lady of the reality television series Duck Dynasty, Miss Kay, has opened up in her new book The Women of Duck Dynasty about the time when she’s experienced the most struggles.

Despite Miss Kay and her husband Phil Robertson seeming to have nothing but love and respect for one another on the television series, their marriage wasn’t always so easy. Miss Kay had previously stated how Phil, when he was younger, was a big drinker. However, “the last straw” was reached after Phil had drunkenly accused her of cheating.

“I hit rock bottom,” Miss Kay wrote in her book according to Radar. “I simply could not see any way out of a terrible situation for the boys and me. I finally accepted the fact that I could not fix our lives and had no one to help.”

Miss Kay said she then locked herself in the bathroom, realizing that she “just wanted to go to sleep for a long time.” She didn’t necessarily want to kill herself, but “wanted to take enough Tylenol… to have a nice, long rest.”

However, the matriarch’s feelings came to an end when she heard the sound of her three sons coming towards the bathroom door to talk to her.

“Mom, don’t cry,” her son Alan told her. “God will take care of us.”

Immediately it had an impact on Miss Kay.

“In an instant it was like a light bulb came on for me” she said in The Women of Duck Dynasty. “‘What am I doing?’ I asked myself. ‘I have three little boys. I can’t leave them with a drunk.’”

According to Fox News, Phil later took control of his drinking and has remained married to Miss Kay for almost 50 years.



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