'East of Eden' film to be split into two-part series

By Amanda Levine,

Book to film adaptations are some of the most popular franchises in all of Hollywood that rake in the most money in the box offices. However, a recent trend that has been happening in the movie industry lately is the trend of splitting a movie into two parts, mainly in order to make more money.

For example, the last Harry Potter film was split into two parts although it was only one book, so was The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and soon to be the upcoming Mockingjay book from the Hunger Games series.

Writer and director, Gary Ross, has just come out to say that his adapted movie East of Eden, starring Jennifer Lawrence, now might be split into two parts as well.

Emag UK stated that the decision will be made depending on Lawrence and Ross’ schedules at the time when filming begins (which hasn’t started yet).

“It may be two films. We may break it in half, into one generation and the next. And that’s what we’re talking about now,” said Ross in an interview at Loyola Marymount University School of Television and Film.

The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Ross got the idea for adapting the film because his children were reading Steinbeck’s novel in school and he figured that it would make a great film.

So he got into contact with Lawrence’s producing partner and finally Lawrence agreed as well as Universal Studios. Although the filming schedule and the two-part rumor has yet to be confirmed, it can be certain that this will be a great movie with great actors.



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