Easter egg hunt reveals dead body in Tennessee

By Michelle Kapusta,

A mother having an Easter egg hunt with her young daughter in Knoxville made a gruesome discovery on Wednesday.

According to WBIR, authorities said that the woman having the egg hunt with her four-year-old ended with the discovery of a decomposing body underneath the deck of the family’s home.

The mother told police that she had noticed a foul odor for days and even asked someone cutting her grass to seek out the smell. That person though, did not find anything.

After scattering the pastel-colored eggs throughout her yard, the fully clothed man was discovered in a crawl space beneath the deck. Authorities estimated that the body of the dead man had been there for about a week, without anyone’s knowledge.

He did not have any identification on him and the KPD is still working to identify the deceased.

The New York Daily News noted that it is not known why the man chose to crawl under the family’s deck.

An investigation remains underway.



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