Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa

By Alicia Mayle,

At least 80 people have died in an Ebola virus outbreak across West Africa, which has sparked fear across the region.

Mossa Bau, who lives in Dakar, Sengal, said that, "Every day we're reading about it in the newspaper, hearing about it on the radio, and wondering when it's going to come here. Everyone is very scared because, really, it's a dangerous disease and no one has the means to stop it,” according to USA Today.

The Ebola virus was contained to four in Guinea, however more cases have cropped up in Conakry, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Mining companies have sent home their workers, and have pulled their international employees back to their home country.

Vale, a Brazilian iron ore miner, said, “The expatriates have been transferred temporarily to their home countries. The local employees ... have been given leave from work until there is more accurate information about the risks of the disease,” according to Reuters.

Some companies are preventing their employees from entering or leaving the mines.



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