Ellen DeGeneres responds to rumors she's replacing David Letterman by trying opening monologue, Top 11 list (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Now that David Letterman has announced his retirement for sometime in 2015, the world has been pining over a possible replacement. Many names have been thrown around, but the most recent rumored replacement, Ellen DeGeneres, is now responding.

On her show syndicated daytime this week, DeGeneres decided to take a stab at Letterman’s job. She delivered an opening monologue and even gave the audience her best top 11 list.

Before she did this, however, she told her studio audience late night is “very different” than daytime television. “There's a lot of political humor, which I don't do,” she said, USA Today reports.

In typical DeGeneres fashion, her political jokes were a bit different than what Letterman might say. “Hey have you heard about this? The White House announced that 7 million people have signed up for coverage under Obamacare," she said. "Although if they really wanna cover people they should make hospital gowns that close in the back.”

After struggling to name her top 11 favorite pets, DeGeneres decided late night likely isn’t for her.

“I’ll stick to daytime for now,” she said, Entertainment Weekly reports.

She also told the audience she’s “flattered” she’s even rumored to replace Letterman.



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