The Elliott Smith 'Heaven Adores You' documentary will premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Unheard music, personal photos and never before seen footage appear in the film

The deceased whispery American singer-songwriter Elliott Smith is the focus of an upcoming documentary titled Heaven Adores You.

Directed by Nickolas Rossi, the film was Kickstarted in 2011, and will be exposed to the world during its premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival on May 5. They were able to get the project going after reaching their goal of $3,000, according to Spin.

Kevin Moyer, who is a producer and a high school friend of Smith's, stated that this is the first Elliott Smith-related project allowed to use his music. Since the film was created in a partnership with the friends of Smith, it will include unheard songs, personal photos, and never-before-seen footage, as reported by Pitchfork.

Those with heavy participation in the film include Smith’s sister Ashley, collaborator and former bandmates Larry Crane, Neil Gust, Brandt Peterson, Jon Brion, Tony Lash, Rob Schnapf and others. Rossi plans to focus on the positive aspects of Smith’s life and not solely focus on his hardships and 2003 death.

Watch the trailer below:



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