Emma Stone calls out boyfriend Andrew Garfield for sexist comment

By Alesandria Posada,

They may have been dating for three years, but Emma Stone wasn’t afraid to call out her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, for making a sexist comment on femininity.

The cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was at a press day for their upcoming film when a kid in the audience asked Garfield how Spider-Man got his costume, according to E! News.

The British actor replied, "He made it. He made it with his bare hands. He sewed it. He took some sewing classes and some needlepoint classes. It's kind of a feminine thing to do. He made a very masculine costume out of a very feminine."

Stone was quick to ask how it was feminine, and this got Garfield to backpedal.

"It's feminine because I would say femininity is about more delicacy and precision and detail work and craftsmanship," Garfield said.

He ended his comment by complimenting his mother’s craftsmanship and stating we all have femininity in us.

Despite Stone’s comment, the couple told Vogue, that they both appreciate each other, according to Us Weekly.

“I think I’ve learned a lot by being around him,” Stone said of Garfield. “And, you know, he is an incredibly important person to me.”



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