Emma Stone sang 'Bitch' on a reality show competition

By Francisco Flores,

Before starring in a slew of successful movies, Emma Stone was on her way to becoming a TV star.

According to Yahoo! Music, some 10 years ago, Stone appeared as a contestant on a singing/acting reality show to find the next Partridge Family. The show, In Search of the Partridge Family, was a competition based on the '70s show The Partridge Family. The show was a massive success, so VH1 began the reality show competition to begin a reboot of the classic show.

Before starring in a handful of blockbusters, renowned actress Emma Stone dreamed of starring on the rebooted show and appeared on the reality show. She went on to actually beat her competition and won the part of Laurie Partridge. The show only went on to air one episode of the newly scripted show before it was taken off the air.

Here’s a video of Emma Stone singing Meredith Brooks’ hit, “Bitch,” on the show:

Earlier this week, the cast of The Amazing Spider Man 2 attended the New York premiere of the movie. The sequel to the 2012 superhero flick hits theaters on May 2.

While doing press for the movie, Stone and her boyfriend and Spider-man co-star, Andrew Garfield, did a Q&A session to promote the film. The Huffington Post reported a video showing the couple in an awkward confrontation regarding a sexist comment Garfield made.



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