Emma Thompson says that it’s ok to take a year off marriage

By Amy Michura,

Emma Thompson, actress who is taking on the role of a divorcee in her upcoming film, The Love Punch, has said that it could be ‘beneficial’ for married couples to take a break from their marriage.

Thompson claimed that married couples should take “sabbaticals” from one another in order to have a long and happy marriage, even if the break only lasts for a year.

The 54-year-old actress, who stars alongside Pierce Brosnan in The Love Punch, have their characters in the movie take a “beneficial break” from their marriage.

“I wonder whether this isn’t the way forward for a lot of married couples? You look at it and think that maybe every marriage should have a kind of sabbatical, that couples should be forced to take a break from each other every so often, if just for a year or so. It’s actually not a bad idea,” Thompson said to Telegraph.

She furthered explained that the sabbatical did not mean that the couples would not have to be with other people.

“You need to go off perhaps, although not to be with other people. I think that would make things very difficult,” she said according to Entertainment Wise. She continued by saying that "free love stuff" hurts more than helps long lasting relationships.

However, that didn’t mean that she’d consider taking a sabbatical from her own marriage to Greg Wise, whom she met in 1995 while filming Sense and Sensibility.



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