'Faking It' Recap: 1.01: 'Pilot'

By Kelly Sarna,

For two best friends, Karma and Amy, they’ll do anything to become noticed at their high school. But does that include being in a fake relationship with each other? You bet it does.

This episode starts off with the two friends doing their daily phone chat while getting ready for school. Once there, Karma tries to get people’s attention by acting blind. Yeah, it doesn’t work (thanks to a Frisbee).

Next, insert Lauren, Amy’s new stepsister and wannabe queen of Hester High. She sends a few rude remarks their way, including calling them (gasp!) lesbians before dramatically exiting.

In the distance, out and proud, Shane and his friend, Liam (the school’s heartthrob) overhear and in an instant, Shane’s ears perk up. You see, Shane’s in need of some lesbian friends. The two introduce themselves to the girls. Well to Amy (Karma has this puke problem when talking to cute boys…like Liam). Regardless, Shane invites them to a party that night!

At the party, Amy and Karma feel like outcasts in comparison to everyone. Karma makes things worse for herself by running into and spilling beer on her and Liam (not to mention puke…again).

Outside, Shane sits down with Amy to have a “gay to gay” talk with her. He comes out and says it (pun intended): “You’re gay.” Of course Amy denies it, to which Shane takes that as being afraid and insanely closeted. He tries to reassures her that it’s okay.

With Karma, she gets to finally chat with Liam without puking on him! This moment is halted by Amy though, who’s trying to get the heck out of there. But she’s too late. Shane’s already grabbing the girls’ hands, announcing their “relationship” to the crowd not to mention electing them homecoming queens. The crowd loves it and “All hail the queens!” is yelled!

The next day, Karma and Amy figure what they should do with their newly outed “relationship”. Karma doesn’t see the harm in keeping it up. It takes much convincing from her, but if it makes her BFF happy, Amy’s up for it.

So it’s official: they’re fake girlfriends now. The girls get mucho attention and popularity from the entire school. Photo shoot spread for the school? No problem!

Later, Karma spots Liam again, working on some art project. What first starts out as a simple analysis of his work, leads into a secret smooch. It isn’t so secret though, since Amy goes looking for her fake gf and spots the two kissing. Amy is seen heartbroken. Either she’s taking this fake love a little too seriously, or she might not be as straight as she thought.

A few days pass and the girls are still the cutest new couple in school. That’s about to change when Amy tells Karma that she wants out. Karma has gotten all the attention and popularity. What has Amy gotten? Nothing (Except maybe some extra special feelings for her). The two argue and breakup both their friendship and their fake relationship.

Little do they know, that a certain mean girl is eavesdropping: Lauren. Will she use this new knowledge to her advantage? You betcha. The next day, Karma sits with Liam at lunch. Before, she would be ecstatic about this! Now she can’t stop thinking about Amy and gushing to Liam about her. She knows she has to apologize to her.

After she finds Amy on the roof, she instantly apologizes for her recent actions. It doesn’t take Amy long to accept. The two are back in their fake relationship again and headed to the homecoming pep rally.

There, Lauren blabs on about “tradition” for her homecoming speech which has no one excited. When Karma and Amy walk into the gym though (note: holding hands!), the crowd goes wild!

But before they can give their speech, Lauren takes matter into her own hands.
She rants and raves, “They’re not really lesbians! They’re just pretending so all of you will like them!”
Uh oh! The cat’s out of the bag. Or is it?
While Karma begins to explain the truth, Amy doesn’t waste a second. She grabs her “friend” and pulls her in for one really big fake kiss (complete with confetti!).

Needless to say the crowd goes wild. When the two pull away they are both shocked. “Woah,” Karma retorts. Amy just nods and says “Yeah.” Karma smiles and playfully winks at her. “Way to sell it!”

But the look on Amy face tells us that she wasn’t totally faking it. And that marks the end of the first episode of Faking It!



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