Family ends dispute, Mickey Rooney to be buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

By Kyle Johnson,

The two sides in the legal dispute over where to bury the recently departed Mickey Rooney were able to come together on Friday and agree upon a resting place.

Rooney's stepson, Mark Rooney and his wife, along with estate lawyers, argued that Rooney would want to be buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and not where he bought a plot, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Rooney's separated wife, Jan Chamberlin, had said that he had a plot in Westlake Village cemetery with the idea she would eventually be buried next to him.

Mark Rooney had argued that Rooney got away from her while still alive, so it's doubtful he'd want to be buried next to her. So, shortly before a potentially costly legal battle, the two sides were able to agree.

Mike Augustine, a court-appointed conservator, said, "Mickey had enough lawsuits in life for 10 people; the last thing he needs is for one over where he'll be buried."

The agreement also keeps Chamberlin's son Chris Abner and wife Christina from attending the funeral, though Chamberlin will be allowed to attend.

Rooney only just passed away and the family has been involved in a squabble over his funeral arrangements and they learned that he had altered his will shortly before his death.

He only left an $18,000 estate, but decided to cut his eight children out of the will, along with his estranged wife. The only people not disinherited were Mark Rooney and his wife, with whom Rooney had been living.



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