'Family Guy' spoofs Gov. Chris Christie, Brigegate in Emmy fliers

By Kyle Johnson,

Family Guy wants to be considered for an Emmy win this year and the show touched upon New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Bridgegate to show a measure they would be willing to take if not chosen.

According to The Associated Press -flyer can be seen there, Griffin family patriarch Peter is dressed up much in the same way as Christie and is holding two traffic cones.

The caption on the flier not-so subtly notes, "Vote for us, or it's time for some traffic problems in Brentwood." It references an email that a former aide of the governor wrote. "It's time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee," the email said.

Family Guy fliers tend to be humorous, notes Deadline. Back in 2009, the show riffed off the popular film Precious and featured a caption that says, "Vote for us, or you're racist."

The long-running Fox program recently decided to compete in the best animated program category after not having any success in best comedy series.

Though some effort was put into the flier, it doesn't appear that they believe anyone will actually look at it anyway. On the inside, it features a picture of Stewie and says, "If you've opened this case, you're probably a garbage man."



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