Father of sextuplets dies after setting up trampoline for kids

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Michigan man and father of sextuplets died of a heart attack after he set up a trampoline for his children to play on.

According to the Associated Press, a family member said that Ben Van Houten was in his backyard with his children when the fatal heart attack occurred. He was 39.

The Grand Rapids Press noted that Van Houten’s children are the first surviving sextuplets in Michigan.

Amy Van Houten gave birth to the children in 2004. They were born three months premature. Two of the six children have cerebral palsy.

When the tots first came home from the hospital, the community pulled together to donate items and help out the first-time parents. Volunteers even built a new home for the family.

In addition to the sextuplets, the couple also had one daughter a few years later. She is now 7 years old.

After learning of his son-in-law’s sudden death, Calvin Reimink said that Van Houten was the best son-in-law he could have asked for.



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