FDA approves drug to stop opioid overdose

By Laura Hundemer,

The Food and Drug Administration has recently announced its approval of a drug that will reverse the physical effects occurring during an opioid drug overdose. The drug, Evzio, can be injected during an overdose situation and save the person’s life.

Evzio works by injecting a dosage of naloxone, which can stop the effects of opioids including painkillers. The number of overdoses and deaths due to painkillers continues to increase. According to CNN, with 2,000 opioid overdoses in New York alone in 2011, the approval of this product is extremely important.

This new drug can be administered by family or a caregiver at home. The idea is that if a person is suffering from an overdose, this medicine will buy the victim enough time to get to the hospital and greatly improve their chances for survival. According to the Liberty Voice, the portable device comes with two filled syringes and instructions, and is injected into the victim’s muscle. It will cost about $60.




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