Firefighters in Monterey Park crash helped civilians before themselves

By Kyle Johnson,

Firefighters hurt in the Wednesday Monterey Park collision and subsequent crash into the Lu Dumpling House made sure civilians on the scene were all safe before seeking help for their injuries.

Fire chiefs for both Alhambra and Monterey Park fire departments said that the firefighters did their duty before getting help for themselves, reports the Los Angeles Times. Both fire departments had three people injured in the accident.

Monterey Park Fire Chief Jim Birrell said, "I tip my hat off to firefighters from both agencies." One of his department's firefighters is currently still in the hospital, but managed to help get a pinned restaurant customer out of the wreckage.

As previously reported, the two trucks collided in Monterey Park while they were entering an intersection and the Monterey Park fire truck ended up crashing into the Lu Dumpling House.

Both trucks were running their sirens and lights ahead of the accident.

Though the crash is still under investigation, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that officials say one of the trucks ran a red light, it just isn't known which one yet.

Nine civilians and six firefighters were injured as a result of the collision and following crash into the restaurant.



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