Florida man jailed for stealing doughnut from Walmart

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Florida man was thrown in jail after he allegedly stole a $0.58 doughnut from a local Walmart store.

According to the New York Daily News, William Edward Hicks was arrested by Okaloosa County Sheriff's deputies after lifting the item and leaving the store without paying for it.

NWF Daily News noted that loss prevention officers spotted Hicks taking a doughnut from a case before heading to another department.

Instead of going out the front of the store, the bandit then headed out the alternative garden exit and was approached by the store’s security personnel in the parking lot.

He was still clutching the doughnut in his hand, but did not want to give it up and ran from the officers. The 36-year-old was nabbed a few minutes later in an adjacent parking lot.

He has been charged with two misdemeanors and a felony.

The incident is not Hicks’ first run-in with the law. Arrest records confirm that he has had prior arrests and convictions for theft.



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