Florida woman busted for illegally injecting people with Botox in her garage

By Victoria Greene,

A Florida woman has been arrested for illegally injecting people with Botox in her garage.

According to The New York Daily News, Alejandra Tobon, 43, holds no medical degrees, but that did not stop the Pembroke Pines woman from injecting an unknown number of people with Botox, vitamin injections and filler, plasma therapy, and Carboxytherapy.

To keep her ruse appearing legitimate, Tobon converted her garage to look like a medical office of sorts and neighbors even saw the woman walking around in scrubs, which gave the impression of being a medical professional.

While she was not a doctor, Tobon reportedly held licenses as a massage therapist and an electrologist.

According to Local 10, authorities were alerted to Tobon’s practice after a patient’s body reacted poorly to a Botox treatment that took place December and the patient reported Tobon.

Tobon is facing the third degree felony charge of practicing medicine without a license.

"That’s crazy because going to someone’s house and doing something like that, it has to be crazy," neighbor Carmen Sanchez told CBS Miami.



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