Florida woman shoots pregnant friend in the stomach, kills her baby

By Victoria Greene,

A Florida woman has been arrested for shooting her pregnant friend in the stomach and killing the woman’s unborn baby.

According to The New York Daily News, Virginia Wyche, 35, is accused of shooting her 6-months-pregnant friend, Markeisha Brooks, 23, in the stomach on April 23 in Jacksonville.

Wyche’s discontent with Brooks reportedly stems from an argument the two were having over Facebook. The contents of the conversation are currently unknown, however, it is the conversation that authorities believe drove Wyche to shoot Brooks in the stomach, thus killing her unborn child.

According to WJXT Jacksonville, friends and family of Wyche were shocked by the actions of someone they believed to be a kindhearted person.

"Because (Wyche) was a good kind-hearted person. She loved everybody and helped everybody out that she could. She didn't bother nobody, she stayed to herself,” Lawrence Jackson said.

Brooks was taken to the hospital where her baby died. Despite her life threatening injuries, Brooks has survived.

Wyche’s mother asserts that she must have been heavily provoked to shoot someone.

There is no court date for Wyche as of yet. Her bond is set at $1 million dollars and she has been charged with attempted murder.



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