Former ‘American Idol’ star Clay Aiken looks toward North Carolina primary

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Singer-songwriter Clay Aiken has decided that he will be running for the congressional seat in North Carolina this year.

Right now, the hotly contested position is held by Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers who represented the district for two terms. Ellmers was elected in 2010. North Carolina traditionally votes Republican, but Aiken and two other Democrats will compete in the May 6 primary.

The other candidates vying for the chance to serve in the North Carolina government include Keith Crisco and Tony Morris. Crisco is a textile entrepreneur, and Morris is a licensed family counselor. The race against Ellmers would be held in November.

Aiken is, of course, known from the popular show, American Idol. The 35-year-old former pop singer, has no problem speaking with great energy and assertion. Aiken told the Associated Press, "I don't care what party they're in," Aiken says of voters in the central North Carolina district, "I'll talk to whoever."

At this point, no one is clearly in the lead for the primary, according to NewsObserver.com.



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