Former Aspen socialite convicted of killing husband with car bomb

By Kyle Johnson,

A former Aspen, Colo. socialite was convicted on Tuesday of killing her husband back in 1996 with a car bomb. Prosecutors alleged she killed him to collect his $2 million life insurance policy.

Pamela Phillips was found guilty on two charges, first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, reports Fox News. It took the jury 13 hours to deliberate on whether she killed her husband Gary Triano.

The 56-year-old hired a hitman in November 1996 to do the actual dirty work. The car bomb was wired to the ignition and no one else was hurt in the explosion.

Prosecutors alleged that Phillips decided to kill her husband after learning he wasn't worth as much as he claimed and was in fact bankrupt.

According to The Associated Press, she convinced her former lover Ronald Young to kill her husband with $400,000 payout. He was arrested back in 2005 and found guilty in 2010 of the murder of Phillip's husband.

Phillips tried to claim that the amount she paid Young was merely for business help, but prosecutors believed differently. "He's not getting paid for business advice that she never takes - he's getting paid for murder," said prosecutor Rick Unklesbay.



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