Former History Channel reality star Tim Zickuhr arrested for allegedly kidnapping a prostitute

By Gina DiFalco,

Tim Zickuhr, who appeared on History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads in 2011, was arrested on kidnapping, extortion and coercion charges in December but it’s just now coming out publicly.

The 35-year-old allegedly kidnapped prostitute, Lisa Cadeau, in Las Vegas. Cadeau goes by the name “Snow White.”

According to CNN, Zickuhr let Cadeau use his ATM card to take out money he owed her in exchange for sexual favors but he had suspected she took out more than they agreed on.

When they met up the next day, he tied her up and locked her in a closet, instructing her to give him a phone number of someone who would bring him the money he was owed.

He didn’t know it, but Cadeau gave him the number to a police officer. The cop said when he answered the phone, Zickuhr "told me that he currently had 'Snow White' and if I didn't bring $1,000 to a phone booth at Lynwood/Sahara he was going to go to Mexico to kill 'Snow White."

According to E! Online, when the police officer met up with them he arrested Zickuhr after a short chase.

Zickuhr, who hasn’t appeared on the reality show since the second season, has a court date set for May in connection to the incident.



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