Fox exec Darlene Tipton fired for Malaysia Airlines charity email

By Kyle Johnson,

A Fox executive was fired after she used her company email account to try to set up a charity related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

Darlene Tipton admitted she used the email account because she was interested in quickly putting together aid for those affected by Flight 370. The Associated Press reports she said she wanted to quickly get them money, because legal procedures would likely slow things down.

"We want to raise money for families, to give them immediate relief," Tipton explained. "Otherwise, they could be in court for years." She added that to qualify for any financial aid, anyone who accepts money would be required to waive legal recourse against the airline. "It isn't right for them to seek money through legal channels, too," she said.

The vice president of standards and practices for Fox Cable Networks Group first reached out to Sarah Bajc due to her television appearances as her boyfriend, Philip Wood, was on the Malaysia Airlines flight.

A Fox spokesman, Scott Grogin, confirmed Tipton was let go from the company due to "conduct and communication" violations, but refused to explain any further other than to note "appropriate steps" were taken.

Her husband, Ken Tipton, has said that his wife will file a lawsuit against Fox claiming wrongful termination.

According to Variety, Tipton had worked at Fox for over 12 years in various positions. She also attempted to win the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' executive committee second vice chair back in 2005.

The news of the dismissal was first picked up by Christine Negroni's blog Flying Lessons.



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