'Game of Thrones' inspires parents to name their daughters Khaleesi after Emilia Clarke's character

By Gina DiFalco,

Game of Thrones has made HBO ratings history with their season 4 debut this past Sunday, surpassing the amount of viewers that tuned in for The Sopranos’ series finale in 2007. Now the show is making history with a recent baby name boom.

Parents have been naming their children after characters from the fantasy series, specifically Emilia Clarke’s character’s name Khaleesi.

The Social Security Administration has revealed that in 2012, 146 parents named their daughters Khaleesi. Clarke’s character was given the name Khaleesi in season 1 after she married the Dothraki leader, but her birth name, Daenerys, was also popular amongst families in 2012. Twenty-one females were given the name Daenerys that year.

EW reports the name Khaleesi was more common than traditional U.S. names like Alex, which 128 females were named in 2012.

After record ratings for the show this past Sunday, the show has been officially renewed for a fifth and sixth season.



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