'Game of Thrones' shocker episode breaks series’ previous piracy record

By Daniel S Levine,

Game of Thrones continues to be popular, even among those who don’t subscribe to HBO. Thanks to rampant piracy, the show has been viewed by millions more than just HBO subscribers and Sunday’s shocking episode broke the show’s previous record.

The season three finale set the original record for the most-pirated single TV episode in history with 171,572 people sharing a single file of the episode. In total, the episode was downloaded 1 million times in 24 hours.

TorrentFreak, which tracks online piracy, said that the most recent GoT episode smashed both those records. A single torrent was shared by 193,418 people. Around 1.5 million people downloaded the episode in total, a sixth of the number of people who legall watched the show.

According to TheWrap, 6.3 million viewers saw the episode, titled “The Lion and The Rose,” Sunday night.

HBO has had to deal with piracy concerns for GoT since the show launched. TorrentFreak named it the most-pirated show two years in a row.

GoT is based on George R.R. Martin’s novels. You can check out our recap of the episode here.



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