'General Hospital' weekly recap: Week of 3/31-4/4

By Sari N. Kent,

This Week: Kiki told Tracy that “Luke” has been coming on to her, Sam told Silas and Nathan her plan to out Ava as Nina’s killer, Sonny and Carly flashbacked to the numerous ups and downs in their relationship with three of the actresses who played Carly making special appearances, Diane was retained as Britt’s lawyer by Obrecht, Carly almost told Franco that Sonny shot AJ, Nathan and Sam caught a surprising suspect and AJ died!!!

At Elizabeth’s house, Obrecht was confident Britt would be released soon. Nikolas arrived to talk and refused to leave. Obrecht took the baby to lie down and instructed Elizabeth to get rid of Nikolas and no funny stuff. Elizabeth opened the door but wouldn’t let Nikolas in. Obrecht listened in as Nikolas told Elizabeth about the kidnapping. He begged to come in, saying that she was his oldest friend and he should have been grateful to her but he that he lashed out instead. Elizabeth begged him to leave, saying she wasn’t feeling well, but he couldn’t believe she wouldn’t listen to his apology.

She then relented and let him in, but fidgeted as he apologized. He then said that he hoped she could forgive him. She agreed and tried to rush him out. Obrecht then gripped a gun and made a noise. Nikolas then realized that someone else was there and assumed it was Ric. Before he left, Elizabeth grabbed him and told him to tell Lulu that everything was going to be okay. After he left, Obrecht was upset about Nikolas sniffing around after breaking Britt’s heart and then asked who Ric was.

At GH, Sam had an idea about how to bring Ava down. She thought the key was Nakamura, the pharmacist, and she wanted Ava to think that he could still implicate her. After she laid out her plan Nathan was impressed, but Silas wanted to know how to feed Ava the false story and Sam suggested enlisting Julian’s help.

Meanwhile, Tracy found Kiki and told her that “Luke” told her Kiki had made a pass at him. Kiki set her straight and said “Luke” was the one who made a pass at her. Tracy thought that was ridiculous but Kiki stood by her story. Silas scared Tracy off. Kiki then told Silas that Tracy didn’t like what her fiancé did behind her back. He then told Kiki that Nina had passed away and they hugged before she returned to Michael.

Meanwhile, Ava was nervous about the Silas’ murder mystery. Sonny asked Ava if she killed Silas’ wife and she told him that they had bigger things to worry about. He told her that he was worried that Monica was on to him, that he has promised Michael that he wouldn’t kill AJ and how he had four children, but Michael was the only one who grew up with him. Sonny then wept as he talked about raising Michael from a little boy and went on to say that he was tortured about breaking his word.

Meanwhile, AJ crashed in ICU while Monica pumped his chest. AJ then flatlined and they called time of death. Monica then went to AJ and stroked her son’s hair. Carly led Michael out of the room and told him that AJ wanted Michael to know he loved him. She then held him and told him how sorry she was. He then went back to AJ and Carly left to find Sonny.

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